Monday, August 14, 2006

As requested

I do not make my powerpoint slides available to you for one very simple reason - I have not obtained permission to use all the images. To try to make the lectures interesting I pull up all sorts of images from the web and numerous other sources. As long as they don't explicitly request that the image not be copied I don't worry too much for a single in lecture use. However I would not feel comfortable making all these images available to the whole class by putting the powerpoint slides online.

The legally correct solution would be to just use images I have taken myself (the only pictures I take are of Scooter, my dog) or to use those from Campbell (which would make for a fairly dull lecture since you've seen all these images) or to get permission to use all the images I want to use (which would take forever).

So instead I use what I want but don't make the slides available. That is why I have copied much of the text on the slides in the form of the lecture outlines and indicate, wherever possible, equivalent figures in Campbell.

But someone did point out that I could go one step further and make available all the text slides I use and those very few images I make myself. I'm not sure it provides much more than you already have but here are the text slides from the Plant Section powerpoints. (There is also one other image snuck in there that someone requested so I hope you are reading this).



At 7:20 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thank you so much Prof. Latto!!! This is exactly what I wanted! :) It's hard to get e verything down sometimes in class, so this will definitely clear some things up for me! Thanks for responding so quickly!

At 12:17 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thank you Professor Latto. I realy appreciate the extra time and effort you took to get this posted. Thank you again for the cladogram I requested! It did help.


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