Thursday, August 02, 2007

Midterm 2 results

The second midterm has been graded and your GSI's will give you your individual results next time you meet with them. Please don't e-mail me - I don't have the individual results, just the overall summary.

Overall there were 248 students for the second midterm, the mean was 86% (vs 80% for the first midterm) and the median was 89% (vs 84% for the first midterm).

Overall 50% of the class scored in the A range (>90%), 28% in the B range (>80%), 13% in the C range, 5% in the D range and 4% in the F range.

These results are slightly higher than last year(see link below for last years results). Like the first midterm twelve people obtained perfect scores - although I have no idea if they are the same twelve people.

As usual I have looked at the answer distribution for all the questions to check for problems.

Lowest % correct was 49% for Q23 (demographic transition question) and 54% for Q 34 (density dependent mortality in the beetle population).

Highest % correct was 98% (two questions).
I have looked closely at all the questions where either less than two thirds of you got the correct answer (just the two questions mentioned above) or more than 20% of you picked a particular incorrect answer (three questions) and don't see any problems.

Section means were similar and, again, no section was more than 4% away from the overall mean of 86%.

FYI the mean and median for the final midterm are usually closer to the first midterm (ie a mean of around 80-82%) than the second.

This time last year: Midterm 2 Results and Lichens in Space



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