Tuesday, August 07, 2007

More corpse

The corpse flower at the Botanic gardens opened today. I was looking for more information about the plant online and found several interesting sources.

First up check out some of the amazing pictures a google image search brings up.

Wikipedia conveniently translates the latin name. ('Corpse flower' is good but I think 'Giant misshapen penis plant' would have been better).

You can read about the efforts at the Huntington library and botanic gardens to pollinate a specimen and circumvent the plants attempts to avoid self-pollination (it involves a bag of apples).

Brooklyn Botanic gardens have a very cool time lapse video of their flower captured over a 12 day period.

But UC Davis wins the prize with a great Titan website, with more information than you could possibly need. Many of your most pressing questions are answered by short videos:
What are the parts of this 'flower' and why do people keep calling it an inflorescence or bloom and not a flower?

What are the insect pollinators of the Titan?

This time last year: Songs of Science



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