Thursday, August 16, 2007

Midterm 3 results

I was e-mailed the mean and the results for each answer for the final midterm but not the histogram. I will get mailed a copy of that but I thought some of you might want to see the rest of the information right away.

The mean was 82% (vs. 81% last year)

I have looked at the answer distribution for all the questions to check for problems and everything looks fine.

Lowest % correct was 57% for Q12 (self-thinning question) and 58% for Q 27 (cutting a shoot question).

Highest % correct was 98% (one question: the fresh fruit question - I'm glad this course has some practical uses!).
I have looked closely at all the questions where either less than two thirds of you got the correct answer (three questions) or more than 20% of you picked a particular incorrect answer (four questions) and don't see any problems.

This time last year: Midterm 3 etc



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